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~Frank Armich~




Born on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Frank Armich from an early age developed a keen attraction to the inherent beauty of local woods. As a young apprentice in his father’s business of the production of burl wood furniture and clocks, Tidal Wave Manufacturing, Frank quickly acquired the skills necessary to work with wood.

Today Frank creates by hand a wide line of artistic sculptures such as decorative trees, sculptured mirrors, wall pieces, bowls, driftwood pieces and furniture fashioned out of Bird’s Eye Maple, Red and Yellow Cedar, Fir as well as other local woods. Frank carefully handcarves and sands each piece with the intent to raise and illuminate the wood’s grain. Possessing an ability to visualize beauty in its raw state, he successfully brings to life a deep, earthy resonance – a resurfacing of the wood’s once magnificent glory.

With a deep appreciation of the natural, surrounding landscape of the Parksville-Qualicum region, Frank also employs a variety of roots as a medium to create one-of-a-kind chairs, tables, lamps and beds.

In addition to a unique woodworking business, Frank takes pride in the manufacturing of his handcrafted, silver-plated windchimes. Always interested in the re-invention of found items, his delightful creations hearken memories of an era gone by. Once seen and heard these whimsical chimes remain unforgettable.

Frankly Yours Unique Woodworking and Windchimes exhibitions have been held at various galleries, gift shops, hotels and restaurants across Vancouver Island as well as throughout North America.

Frankly Yours
Unique Woodworking and Windchimes Frank Armich
222 James Street
Parksville, BC,
V9P 1H9
Telephone: 250.248.2900
Cell: 250.937.9917
Email: frankarmich@gmail.com


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